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So I don’t know about you guys but my head-canon is that Sherlock still has his phone. 

Their first case - the one with the pink lady, Sherlock pointed it out to him. Her phone, He’d said.
And then because the body isn’t inspected properly the phone is assumed to be found. Maybe everyone thinks John has it - maybe no one really wants to ask. But maybe it’s just a tiny spark of hope for John.
I think he’d text it sometimes. Maybe even without realizing.
We’re out of milk.
Just had another fight with a machine.
Bloody awful weather!

Sometimes he does realize. He won’t say some things out loud to his psychiatrist, but he’ll send them to Sherlock’s phone.
I miss you. Stop this.
Please, come home. 
Don’t be dead.

I love you.
Some part of him almost gives up wondering where the phone is. Maybe carries on texting it anyway. 

And somewhere, Sherlock’s reading them all. He’ll tap out a reply to each and every one, and save it in his drafts. It’s a sort of promise to himself.
I’ll get some more on my way home.
I miss you too.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry. 

I love you too.

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