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 #when peter in his 3rd year at harvard decides to change his single into a double #tony and steve both go over to help move boxes #what they aren’t expecting to see is some kid with curly hair already sitting on peter’s bed typing away on a laptop #he doesn’t look up when they enter the room #’oh um. dad’s hey this is uh mark he’s my uh friend mate—I mean room mate…thing’ #steve extends his hand to shake marks hand but all mark does is nod in their direction#hmm not the talkative type is he? tony remarks as he walks over to the side of the bed to peer at mark’s laptop #he’s pleasantly surprised when all he see’s is an entire page filled with what seems to be original coding #’you should bring him home sometime’ #’daaaad’ #’i’m sitting right here’ #’oh look it speaks’ #’tony’